Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20th, 2014
So, for the last few days I have been writing a course on Portuguese language for English speakers and publishing on my blog. I have also been advertising those articles on some Google+ communities on Portuguese language.

But the number of views has been pathetic, the earnings even more pathetic. Well, the earnings actually are just zero. Should I continue writing these articles? Very few people seem to be interested on those articles. I guess about 3 people.
But surely there must be more people out there interested in learning Portuguese language. But I don't know how to reach those people. All I  do is hope that my blog appear on search results.
Besides, Blogger has always been disappointing in earnings. I should be making more YouTube videos. YouTube generates much more money than Blogger. Blogger is really a waste of time, but I like writing texts. And if I want to make educational videos I need to write the script of the videos first.

But I have another idea. I could publish a book. A book on Portuguese language, why not? First write the book, then look for a publisher. Of course many things can go wrong. I may never find a publisher. Even if I find a publisher, the book may be a failure. But those are problems for the future. Maybe I should not worry about the future and focus on present problems.
But even so, should I waste my time writing this book? Well, this book is just a start, I could write a long series of books. And writing a book on Portuguese should be easy for me. Just write this book as fast as possible and move on quickly to another project.

I could also ask for donations. That is another idea. But the problema is that I don't have PayPal. How to ask for donations without PayPal? One way is to just publish my bank accont number on my blog. I went to the bank once to talk about this. According to the bank it is safe, there is no way for anyone to steal money from your bank accout with the number. It is possible to deposit money but not to withdraw. But still I think it may be dangerous. And even if I did that, what are the chances of actually receiving donations? With only 3 viewers, I don't think there will be much money coming from donations.

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