Thursday, February 13, 2014

The man with the golden gun

Let's talk about the The man with the golden gun.
It is a 1974 James Bond movie with Roger Moore.
Even though I prefer Sean Connery, since I have seen all Sean Connery movies, now I think I have to see Roger Moore also.
Even though the film was made in the 70's, it looks like 60's.

One interesting thing is that the villain knows James Bond's identity number, 007. The numbers, of course, are used to protect the real identities of the agents and they are supposed to be used and known only by the secret agency.
Even the name "James Bond" is, or at least, should be fake, that is the name the agent uses to present himself to the world when in mission. But the real name of James Bond apparently is never revealed in any of the movies, and possibly in the books too.
So in case an enemy finds out about the secret agent's number, it ceases to be secret anymore and theoretically should be changed.

Roger Moore's James Bond seems more cruel and less chivalrous than Sean Connery's.
Personally I'd like to see a James Bond that is more gracious to people, especially ordinary and poor people. There is a scene for example where James Bond pays a taxi driver, but looks at him very suspiciously. I would have changed that scene and made him give a generous tip and smile to the taxi driver. Something like "keep the change", and the driver would enthusiastically reply "thank you, sir"! A change simple like that would make James Bond more likable.

The film has one spectacular scene: the car jumping the river while spinning in mid-air.

The character of Goodnight for today's standards would be offensive. She is the female love interest of James Bond, but she is also silly and quite incompetent, making a series of mistakes just to make Bond's life more difficult and the film longer.

Actually I think it is already time for James Bond to be played by a woman. Maybe "Jessica Bond"?  In real life many spies are actually women, Mata Hari probably being one of the most famous of them. Since most people in power position are usually men, it makes sense to have female spies to seduce them and gather information.

The villain in any story has the potential to be the most interesting character, because you can make him say anything you want, no matter how outrageous or politically incorrect, it won't matter as long as the villain is killed or punished at the end.
But the character of Francisco Scaramanga, played by Christopher Lee, is quite boring and uninteresting, whose only motivation seems to be to duel with James Bond. Even though it makes sense, I think, for a professional killer to want to fight other professional killers just out of pride.

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