Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello, welcome to my radio programme!
My channel has become radio. My camera is broken, I need to buy a new battery, so I can't make videos, except this way, with my voice only and some pictures.

This footage is from some weeks ago, when my camera was still working, barely working.
I had gone to Odaiba in Tokyo for a walk.

Very few people watch my channel, so I guesss I am free to say whatever I want, I don't know...

Last Sunday I went to Futamatagawa to have a driving  class.
My driver's licence has expired millions of years ago, and since coming to Japan I never renewed it.
I don't need to drive here in Japan, can go almost anywhere with trains. Besides driving schools here in Japan are extremely expensive, I don't understand why they are so expensive.
But I have found out that the test place in Futamagawa offers relatively cheap driving lesson given by volunteers. 7,500 yens for a 50-minute class.

I don't even remember how to use the clutch anymore...
And the driver's seat in Japan in on the right side, instead of the left, as I was used in Brazil.
I still think changing gears with the right hand is easier...

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