Sunday, December 11, 2011

more on vegetarianism

Depression... I come home to write more on my blog, especially the last one about suicide that is still unfinished.

But now I am not in the mood of writing.
At least not on that article.

I wrote 3 blogs yesterday. I have a lot of personal problems to solve, instead I waste my time writing about problems that don't concern me.

I think it is escapism. I am trying to run away from my problems by distracting myself with other problems.

I wrote a blog about vegetarianism yesterday and showed to a person I follow on twitter. She was not pleased.

she: sometimes i go conbini hopping just so i can peer hopefully at all the ready meals i can't eat

me: Please don't be mad at me but that is my opinion about vegetarianism

she: i don't see vegetarianism as a "religion" so your point is moot with me, no offense ^^;

me: My point is that eating meat sometimes is not a bad thing. I think there is no need to go to the extreme of never eating meat.

she: then you're really talking to the wrong person. why say things like that just to upset me?? i'm not forcing my views on anyone.

me: Ok, I am sorry!

Ok, I admit that maybe she has a point. Why was I trying to show my views on vegetarianism to her?

I feel annoyed by some vegetarians that seem to be boasting their ability to resist the temptations of eating meat.
I think some people are becoming vegetarians for the wrong reasons.
In my opinion the only good reason to become a vegetarian is that it is healthier. That is all. But that also means you don't need to cut meat entirely from the menu. You still can eat meat, as long as it is in moderate quantities.

I saw a TV interview of a celebrity  in which she tells how she became a vegetarian and then succumbed to the temptation and went to a restaurant and ordered steak. She described her pleasure of eating meat as an "orgasm".
The audience laughed, I laughed, but come to think of it, it is so pathetic!
What is the point of becoming a vegetarian? Just so you can boast your ability to resist the temptations of eating meat? It is ridiculous, it makes no sense!

I am not perfect, I make a lot of mistakes. I don't know how I should have handled that conversation.
It reminds of Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. He advises never to argue with people.
That is one of my flaws. I love to argue. Because I usually win. But every time you win an argument you lose a friend.
I should stop arguing with people but many times I can't resist the temptation.

The dangers of expressing opinions

It is very dangerous to tell your opinions to the whole world. Because there is always somebody out there who will get offended.
But what is the alternative? Never express your opinions? Some people actually never express their opinions. At least not in public.
I am thinking about my last 3 blogs. Are they too controversial? In one of them I even defend cannibalism!
I am playing the Devil's advocate, defending the unpopular view on purpose to force my readers (and myself) to think.
If I defended a popular view, my blog would be completely boring! Who wants to know things everybody already knows?

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