Friday, December 9, 2011

Vegetarianism is not a religion!

Vegetarianism is not a religion!

Some people consider vegetarianism a religion.
They will not eat meat under any circumstances. For them, eating meat is a sin.

Let's  be reasonable! Vegetarianism is not a religion! I see no problem eating meat once or twice in a while.

I think vegetarianism is good for health. According to some people human beings are much closer to herbivores than carnivores. So the human body is more suitable for vegetable comsumption than meat comsumption.

The video below shows several convincing arguments about vegetarianism being much healthier than meat comsumption.

But the whole point here is that vegetables are healthier than meat.
So you should eat MORE vegetables and LESS meat.

But it doesn't mean that you cannot eat meat at all.

There are some things that I never do, because they are addictive. For example tobacco is addictive, once you start smoking it is very difficult to stop, you just want to smoke more and more.

But meat, as far as I know, is not addictive. Well at least not for me... Some people may appear to be addict to meat though...

Still, I am not against eating meat, as long as it is in moderate quantities.

Actually I am not against eating ANY KIND of meat! Even human!

Why are people against cannibalism??? Why not eat human flesh? What is the difference between human meat and cow meat?

That is something I don't understand.
The only argument against cannibalism would be to not promote killing another human being.
Some people could think that if it is OK to eat human meat then it is also OK to kill another human being to eat the meat.

I am against killing another human being. But I am also against killing any other animal. But no living being is immortal. Sooner or later any animal, humans including, will die. After they die, what do you do with the bodies? Bury? Cremate?

Why not eat it?

The United States has recently approved horse meat for comsumption. Some people were horrified.
But in my opinion horse meat is as bad as cow or pig meat, or fish.
Why not eat horse, or insects, or even human meat??

Some researchers say insect meat is much more nutritious than other kinds of meat. And I think they are probably right.

Why not eat cats and dogs? Because they are pets? If people had cows and pigs as pets wouldn't they eat cows and pigs? Don't people who have fishes as pets eat fish?

Please don't take me wrong. I am vegetarian, in the sense that I try to eat more vegetables and less meat. I think a vegetarian diet is healthier than meat.

But I am not against eating meat. I don't think eating meat is a sin.
(even though Buddhism says it is a sin!)
I am not against eating small quantities of meat sometimes. Any kind of meat, even human.

Some animals may have some kind of poison in their bodies in such a way that it is impossible to eat their bodies.  But excluding these animals, I see no problems about eating meat.

What is the difference between cow meat and human meat? Scientifically there is no problem in eating human meat. The arguments against human (or cat, dogs, etc) meat are mostly ethical, moral or religious ones.


Eating raw fish is barbaric!

In Japan people eat raw fish, in the form of sushi and sashimi, among other dishes.
I think eating raw meat is barbaric.

There is a scientific reason why we have to cook meat before eating.
Eating raw meat is dangerous!

Raw meat putrefies rapidly due to bacteria activity.
That is why raw meat will stink very fast. Many of these bacteria are harmful to humans.
We have to cook meat in order to kill these bacteria.
You can die if you eat raw meat!

Some weeks ago there were several cases of death in Japan due to food poisoning. Japan has no laws against raw meat comsumption but after those incidents many restaurants decided to stop selling raw cow meat.

OK, maybe I am wrong... The statistics are probably against me. How many people per year die or even get sick due to raw meat comsumption? Maybe too few to be considered a problem.

But I still think eating raw meat is barbaric....

Yesterday I just remembered having read an article on Reader's Digest a long time ago saying the eskimos are the healthiest people on Earth because of their diet being based exclusively on raw fish.
If that is true it blows away all my arguments about vegetarianism and raw meat, haha!

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