Saturday, November 2, 2013

Everybody should vlog

Everybody should vlog.
Vlogging is just like a diary. Everybody should write a diary.
The only difference between vlog and diary is that instead or writing on paper you are talking to a camera.
There are some advantages in talking to a camera. You can speak much faster than you write.
In 10 minutes you can say much more than you can possibly write in the same 10 minutes.
And of course you are recording your face, your face expressions, you voice, your intonation.

It is always fascinating to read a diary you wrote several years ago.
Sometimes it looks like it was written by someone else.
We think we get wiser when we get older but that is probably an illusion.
We should all write diaries and always be able to compare our present self to our old self and see how smart we were back then.

Because one of the big problems in life is that people give up their dreams.
Every child, every kid has dreams. They dream about what they are going to be when they get older, when they become adults. They dream and are mesmerized by all the endless possibilities in life.
But then people become adults, reality hits them, and they just give up most of their original dreams and settle for less than perfect lives.

We all have an inner child, and we must always listen to our inner child.
Children are optimistic, happy, hopeful, light, energetic, lively.
We have to look at children and be children ourselves.
Otherwise we will lose hope, lose faith, get angry, embittered, frustrated, and give up life.

And vlogging is a very convenient way to have a diary, especially for people who may not have the time or disposition or ability to write. Even great writers actually prefer to record their voices than writing. It is much faster to dictate a letter than write it.

When you are vlogging there is no need to edit your video, there is no need to speak fast, there is no need to add fancy special effects or background music. Why do that?
Vlogging is simply recording your thoughts with a camera instead of on paper.
Your thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions are the only things that matter. By recording on video you are capturing that moment, that would otherwise be lost forever.

Imagine all the great people in history that were never able to record themselves on video.
We will never be able to hear or see Cleopatra or Napoleon or Leonardo da Vinci.
Sure there are paintings, but that is obviously not enough. We will never be able to hear their voices, see them moving.

Now most people in the world have access to a computer and a webcam. Everybody, or almost everybody..., well people who are rich enough to have a computer, which accounts for a small portion of present-day humanity, sadly....
Anyway, SOME people have access to a computer and a webcam. And the large majority of them are not vlogging. They are losing the opportunity to record themselves, record this moment that will never come back. You will never be able to go back in time and look at yourself again. You either record or take a picture of yourself now, or you will lose the moment.

This is not a question of narcissism. I don't think it is narcissism to write a diary or take a picture of himself, or record yourself on video.
You need to take your thoughts out of your head and put them on paper, or tell them to someone else, or just tell them to a camera. The moment you take your thoughts out of your head and onto paper, you can organize them, improve them, take a more critical and objective view of them.
While your thoughts are inside your head, they will be blurred and disorganized. It is difficult to be objective, your emotions get in the way.

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