Monday, November 4, 2013

Should videos be original?

Should videos be original?
How can you be original?
How do you know you are being original?
Is original good?
Are clichés bad?

I have posted some questions about how to make good videos and many people advised me to be original.
But then I started to think about it, and many questions started to pop out.
Are original videos good? They may not necessarily be better. Just because something is new and original doesn't mean it is better. Actually it is much more probable to be worse than what already exists. New is not necessarily good or better.

Even if you wanted to do something original, how do you know you are really being original? Someone somewhere may already have had the exactly same idea. How many videos are on YouTube right now? Maybe billions? How do you know your idea is original? You should have to check and compare with every other video on Youtube and other websites. That is an impossible task.
The only possible way to try to be original is to do something you yourself have never done or seen before. But there is no way to know if your idea is really original.

Are clichés bad? They are not necessarily bad. In my opinion some clichés are so good, they should never change. In the case of movies, for example, a happy ending is a cliché, but I love it. Films that try to defy this cliché and have a sad ending will be almost inevitably depressing.

So my conclusion is that you should do exactly the opposite. Instead of trying to be original you should shamelessly copy other people.
Actually some people have advised me exactly that.
Look for successful filmmakers, look for good videos that you personally enjoy and try to identify the elements that make the videos good, and then copy them. Use those elements in your own videos.
"If you are going to steal, steal from the best".

Most artists like actors, painters, singers do exactly that.
They all start off by copying, imitating, simulating, duplicating people they admire. Slowly they may develop their own unique style.

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