Friday, August 12, 2011

Luna Lovegood is the BEST!

I need to write in English or Japanese to practice.

Yesterday I rented Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1.

I think it is the last movie before the theatrical one.
The Harry Potter series was overall very entertaining and enjoyable.

I don't how how much the films resemble the books, but the first 2 movies were a little too sugary for my taste, too Disney-like. But then from the 3rd movie they all became very dark, adult and heavy, too heavy for small children.
There are many mysteries left. Why does Harry Potter have a lightning-shaped scar? How did he survive  Voldemort's first attack?  What was the mystery about Harry Potter's wand? Which was broken, forgotten and thrown away in this movie, by  the way... Why Voldemort doesn't have a nose?? That is the biggest mystery of them all!!

I watch the movies as long as there is an interesting mystery in the plot, hopefully to be solved at the end of the movie, or in this case, the series.

But after watching the almost-last one, I have to say I am a little disappointed. No mystery was solved in this one, on the contrary, things just got worse, with more mysteries piling up.
Will they be solved in the very last movie??
I have a bad feeling they won't.

I will probably watch the last one, when it is released for rental on DVD.

Oh, and where is Luna Lovegood, the BEST character in the whole series??
We can barely see her in this one. There is a long shot of her without the head though, when Gollum dies.
I hope they make a whole spin-off series about Luna Lovegood. The actress is 19 already, but who cares?

Ok, maybe I talked too much about Harry Potter.
What else is there that is exciting or interesting enough to deserve a few-words article that nobody reads??
I hate J. J. Abrams!

No, I don't hate J. J. Abrams! I have nothing against him personally. Maybe he is a good guy in person, I don't know. But I have to say I am not a fan of his work.
And I watched, or tried to watch a lot of his work, because... unhappilly much of his work receives too much undeserved publicity?

I tried to watch the so much talked about LOST series. I started hating the series from the second episode. Stopped watching at the second season, I think, after Michelle Rodriguez's character is killed off the series. They just kept piling up mysteries without ever bothering to solve them.
I love a good mystery, I love Sherlock Holmes, Dr. House, classic Star Trek, but you see, on these series, the mystery is always SOLVED at the end of the episode!
Even on X-Files the mystery was always SOLVED at the end of the episode, even when Scully or Fox couldn't quite get them, the audience could.

Mr. J. J. Abrams! You cannot have a whole series with mysteries just piling up, without ever solving them. I am watching because I am curious about the mystery, (not just because Michelle Rodriguez is unbelievably sexy) and I am actually enduring patiently all the boring lines and scenes just hoping that before the end the mystery will have a satisfactory explanation.

I know it is difficult to come up with a good mystery and a good explanation. Try to write a Sherlock Holmes adventure and you can see how difficult it is.  You have to be at least as intelligent as Sherlock Holmes. But that is the price to pay to have a good script.

Should I say more?
I watched Star Trek, Cloverfield, Fringe, Alias. Unhappily I didn't like any of them.
Star Trek had no story, no intelligence! Enterprise is built on the surface of the Earth?? That is absurd! A ship that size is supposed to be built on space, it was never supposed to land on planets, it is a pure-space ship.
Cloverfield gave me a terrible headache. How can you watch a movie in which the camera shakes all the time? And don't tell me it is reallistic, it is not, a lot of amateurs on YouTube make hand-held videos, they are not that shaky.
Fringe suffers the same problem of Lost, they just throw up mysteries at the audience, but never bother to solve them

My suggestion: watch Dr. House, at least the initial seasons.
All episodes have a medical mystery that is solved at the end of the episode. It doesn' t matter if the audience understands or not all the medical terms. The audience is curious about a mystery, and their curiosity is satisfied at the end of the episode. In other words, the audience gets satisfied.

I am sorry to say this, but if a movie has J. J. Abrams on the credits, I am not going to watch it.

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