Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to write a good text (or how to be the best blogger in the world)

Sometimes I like a certain text, sometimes I don't like it.
What is the difference? What makes a text interesting and another unreadable?
Of course I have to understand the text. There may be good texts about advanced mathematics but since I don't understand them I cannot say if they are good or not.
But speaking about the texts I understand, some of them can be pretty bad. Here on blogger we have several examples of terribly written blogs. (Press the link "next blog" on top of this page. That link should be renamed to "Never click here"!!)

The main problem is: they are boring. They don't talk about a specific thing. They are random.

First and foremost, you have to put a title on the text defining exactly what you are going to talk about and stick to that subject until the end of the article (or blog or book or whatever you are writing).
Don't be random, don't change the subject. If you want to change the subject, start a new article.

Second the title needs to talk about something that people may be interested to know. For example the title of this very article: "how to write a good text" is something that people may be interested in. It is more specific than a title like "Today's thoughts".
Of course you can change the title later, but defining a title, any title, even a temporary one, helps you define what you are going to talk about, helps you be specific and not random.
And the title needs to be something that people may be interested in reading. Would you be interested in reading a text entitled "what I did yesterday"?

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