Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why the hell am I blogging here?

Today I have to write in English.
Why write a blog? I need to remind myself why I am here writing blogs that nobody reads or cares.
I have been here for some weeks now, but nobody cares to leave comments.
It is pretty much hopeless.
Should I care?

Again why write a blog?
- I like writing, and I write anyway. I used to keep diaries, so I am used to writing.
- I need to write to practice my Japanese, English and even Portuguese. I'd like to be a good writer. It would be good to make a living by writing. Even though I have no interest in writing fiction.
- Maybe I can make money here on blogger. I don't understand much this AdSense thing. My blogs may have views but if nobody clicks on the ads, I don't receive any money...
- Maybe I can find friends here. On blogger or anywhere. On the internet. At least I have a blog. I need to have a website. It can be here, it can be anywhere. A place where I can post text and pictures.  I already have an account on YouTube, I have been posting videos, but now I feel the need to post more mundane texts. But I have noticed people on blogger don't interact much with one another. At least not so much as on YouTube. My chances of finding friends here on blogger are slim...

Let's think about the downside. Why should I stop writing blogs here?
- Finding friends on blogger is probably very difficult. Maybe you are better off on an different website, Facebook or whatever.
- Writing blogs that nobody reads may be a waste of time. Unless you write texts for yourself, just to organize the mess in your head.
- writing blogs may really be a waste of time. How much time do you waste writing blogs? What do you expect to accomplish with this?

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