Sunday, July 21, 2013

Japanese TV commercials

Are Japanese TV commercials crazy?

According to these youtubers, yes:

One of the most popular TV commercials depicts a very unusual family where the father is a dog, and the eldest son is a black guy:

なんか、見られている気がするなぁ… (nanka, mirarete iru ki ga suru na...)
That is weird... I feel like I am being watched...

お父さん、あれ… (otōsan, are)
Daddy, look!


指名手配されています!(shimei tehai sarete imasu)
There is a wanted poster with your face!

俺じゃないか!(ore ja nai ka)
That is me!

あそこにも!(asoko ni mo)
There is another!

逃げるぞ!(nigeru zo)

お父さん、なに悪さしたんですか。(otōsan nani warusa shitan desuka)
Daddy, did you do something wrong?

そう言えば… (sō ieba)
As a matter of fact....

お父さん、これでバレません。(otōsan, korede baremasen)
Daddy, with this, you won't be noticed.

これ、逆に目立ってるじゃないか!(kore, gyaku ni medatte iru ja nai ka)
I am attracting much more attention with this!

なんか (nanka) short for なにか; something. Used to express something that is not clearly defined.
見る (miru) to see.
見られる (mirareru) to be seen.
気がする (ki ga suru) to feel, to think, to have a hunch.
指名手配 (shimei tehai) to be wanted by the police.
逃げる (nigeru) flee, escape
悪さ (warusa) evil, crime
そう言えば (sō ieba) As a matter of fact... Now that you mention it...
ばれる (bareru) to be exposed, to come to light.
逆に (gyaku ni) On the contray, quite the opposite.
目立つ (medatsu) be conspicuous, be noticeable, attract attention.

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